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Open Port UFW

Open a Port in UFW

There are multiple ways to open a port in UFW. Below we cover how to open ports using the port number, service name, and custom IP/port combination.

  1. Log into SSH as root.
  2. Check if the application port is defined as a service (e.g. OpenVPN, PostgreSQL, IRC):
    cat /etc/services | grep service-name


    cat /etc/services | grep port

    To navigate the full list, use Page UpPage Down, and arrow keys after using the less command:

    less /etc/services 
  3. If the service is listed, you can open the port using the service name (TCP/UDP protocol optional):
    sudo ufw allow servicename 

    sudo ufw allow servicename/tcp
  4. If there is no service listed for the port, you can open the port by specifying the port and protocol (TCP/UDP):
    sudo ufw allow 1000
    sudo ufw allow 1352/udp
  5. If you need to allow all connections from a specific system or network IP address:
    sudo ufw allow from
  6. To allow all connections from a specific IP subnet:
    sudo ufw allow from
  7. To allow connections on a specific port from an IP address:
    sudo ufw allow from to any port 22
  8. After you open a port in UFW, ensure UFW is enabled:
    sudo ufw enable

Close a Port in UFW

After you uninstall software you should close any ports you no longer need open on your system. You can accomplish this using the service name or port number.

  • To close a port in UFW using the service name:
    sudo ufw deny pop3
  • To close a port in UFW using the port number:
    sudo ufw deny 995

Check Open Ports in UFW

After making changes to any firewall, you should verify your changes to ensure they’re correct and active.

  1. To check whether UFW is running:
    sudo ufw status 
  2. To check whether UFW is running with additional information such as logging and profile status:
    sudo ufw status verbose
  3. To find the rule number for UFW rules:
    sudo ufw status numbered
  4. Then you can remove the rule:
    sudo ufw delete 1
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