Leona Lambert

A certified nutritionist and certified personal trainer who provides personal training schedules to help you lose weight and stay in shape. Save yourself time, hassle and headaches by using Leona’s personal guides in your day to day business.

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Lawrence George

Lawrence is a certified nutritionist and fitness coach. He helps people lose fat, gain muscle and get the body they want.

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Amanda Wheeler

Amanda is a personal trainer with 10+ years of personal experience. Her goal is to improve people’s lives and help them to reach their goals. Her motivation comes from the client’s success!

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Mia Rivera

Mia is a personal fitness trainer who specialises in high-intensity training which consists of 20 seconds of high-level training followed by 10 seconds of rest. She believes it is the most effective exercise for the human body.

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Ethan Schmidt

Ethan has vast experience of working with many of his clients in person. He has spent thousands of hours in the gym mastering the art of how to communicate effectively with all his clients, understanding what motivates them, the common mistakes they make inside the gym environment, along with the obstacles they face when trying

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Antonio Horton

Antonio has been physically active by participating in numerous sports in high school and currently trains in track and field. He believes that newer faces to the profession of personal training can provide newer and efficient ways of achieving your goal, whether it be living the fit lifestyle, participating in more exercise, or weight loss.

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